About Us


TULIP PAINTS, with ITS experience in High Performance powder coating market, is a premier organization and recognized as the pioneers in yielding essential products for the metal finishing industry in the country. The organization, which began its operation in India on a humble note, gradually gained recognition to become one of the leading manufacturers and dealers Thermosetting powder coating.The organization’s continual growth in business and an ever mounting turnover annually, explains the optimal performance and resounding success behind its dedicated efforts.The factory located at VASAI near Mumbai boasts of a congenial infrastructure and communication facility to assist in the production process. Equipped with ultra-modern machinery, equipment and a full-fledged laboratory, the organization has the means and resources to meet the international standards. The organization has the services of trained technical professionals, who are capable to enhance production and maintain strict quality control.

The organization specializes in the manufacturing of THERMOSETTING POWDER COATINGS, Epoxy Powder Coatings, based on epoxy resins & Polyurethane, polyester resins, having good mechanical strength and chemical resistance in various types and finishes.

Quality Control: Extensive quality control measures are taken to ensure that a correct particle size is maintained. This tightly controlled particle size distribution ensures exceptional pass transfer efficiency to the powder coatings end user.

* Research and Developments
Powder coatings are fundamentally liquid paint that is made without water or petroleum based solvents, much like dehydrated foods. The major difference between liquid and powder coatings at the point of the coatings use is that powder coatings must be stove in order to melt the dried paint together and cure the coating to its ultimate hardness. The use of heat to cure powder coatings creates the biggest performance feature. This performance feature in powder coatings is exhibited in final hardness and abrasion resistance of the coating.

Some of the steps involved with our comprehensive research and development process include:

* In-depth raw materials evaluation
* Computer-aided color development
* Strict specification compliance

Other factors contributing to a better-quality manufacturing process include:

* Precise raw material selection
* High speed homogenized premixing and twin screw extrusion
* Strict, constant in-process quality control and final quality assurance
* Stabilized product packaging