Glittering Effect Powder Coatings


Metallics are powder coatings whichk have a metallic or sparkle effect added to them. These metallic pigments are usually aluminum flake or mica and can be different colors and sizes. There are those that will be very obviously sparkly or glittery, others shimmery, and some will have more subtle sparkle effects. So, for this guide, we should specify that we aren’t talking about coatings that give the appearance of metal – what we are talking about are metallic coatings that have a sparkling effect. Bonded Bonded metallics are coatings in which the effect pigments (the metallic or mica flakes) adhere to the powder coating particles. Doing this creates a more consistent application, as opposed to dry blend/unbonded, and enables a much better performance once reclaimed.

 Unbonded As you may guess from the name, unbonded metallics are powders that have not been put through the bonding process. Rather than that, the metallic flake and the powder are put into what is, essentially, a blender. That is whizzed around and boxed up. It is a simpler, speedier, and cheaper process as opposed to what is used to create bonded metallics. While that may sound ideal, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages first.

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